In September 2011, GV OROSEI MARBLES S.R.L. started its production and business activity in Orosei, a town on the east-central coast of Sardinia, taking over the management of “Marmi Orosei S.a.s”, a company that had been operating since 1971 in the extraction, cutting, finishing and marketing of the marble known as “Orosei Daino” or, more commonly, “Orosei Marble”.

This was all possible thanks to the experience and skill handed down by Giorgio Dessena and Vincenzo Scancella, fathers of the present-day company managers and pioneers in Orosei marble extraction for over 50 years, who operated through the “Marmi Scancella”, “Marmi Orosei” and “Marmi Elmo Sas” companies.
True to the tradition and professionalism handed down and preserved within the families, GV OROSEI MARBLES SRL quickly managed to gain an important position in the sector.
After successfully launching the product on the Italian market, particularly in Verona, the company is now continually expanding at an international level, both in European countries (Germany, Northern Europe) and further afield (the Middle East, North America and Southeast Asia), where it exports material both in the form of unfinished blocks and of semi-finished and finished products.

Focus on improvement of the company’s work quality, constant technological innovation and use of the very latest machinery and systems enables GV OROSEI MARBLES Srl to produce very high quality marble with competitive product characteristics, which has gained it a leading position on the world market.
The marble produced is highly sought-after and appreciated, proving ideal for architectural works of particular importance. It is also processed into semi-finished products, such as flooring in various sizes, thresholds, windowsills and stairs. The company uses the latest technological systems and machinery to produce a wide range of products that can be directly used to meet the needs of various types of customers.
There is an endless variety of possible finishes, including polished, smooth, bush-hammered, brushed and antiquated.

Some statistics for GV OROSEI MARBLES Srl: the production site covers an area of approximately 50,000 m2, with 31 employees and a fleet of 28 machines, including heavy vehicles and machinery for the extraction and processing of marble.
The production capacity is approximately 5,000 tons per month, i.e. 60,000 tons per year.

GV OROSEI MARBLES Srl collaborate with “BS QUARRYSAR GROUP”, which is composed of 4 companies operating in the sector and accounts more than 60% of the entire Orosei marble production.