GV OROSEI MARBLES S.R.L. takes its name from the initials of Giorgio Dessena and Vincenzo Scancella, fathers of the company owners and pioneers in Orosei marble extraction, an activity they began over 50 years ago. The company structure of GV OROSEI MARBLES, established in August 2011, is composed of four individuals and a corporate group: Lucia Francesca, Maria Antonietta, Pier Paolo and Rosanna, all children of Giorgio Dessena, together with Quadrifoglio Marmi e Graniti Srl, represented by Anna Scancella, daughter of Vincenzo Scancella.

The five partners established GV OROSEI MARBLES Srl to combine their knowledge, professionalism and expertise in order to continue and intensify their Orosei marble extraction and processing activities, in keeping with their original family traditions.
GV OROSEI MARBLES, together with Quadrifoglio Marmi e Graniti Srl, forms part of the “BS QUARRYSAR GROUP”, which is composed of 4 companies operating in the sector and accounts for 60% of the entire Orosei marble production.

Giorgio Dessena 1931-1995
He belonged to that first generation of quarry workers who started small-to-medium sized enterprises in the Orosei marble stone division and, with much sacrifice as well as satisfaction, succeeded in opening a new production sector based on the in-situ extraction and processing of Orosei marble. Through perseverance, hard work, courage, determination and intelligence he made up for the lack of means and little education and managed to create a production and business establishment that provided a living for his own family and for the many workers from Orosei and the nearby towns employed by the company.

”Ziu Jorj”, of humble origins, started working at a young age in one of the first Orosei marble quarries, but through great determination he was able to leave his job as an employed worker and set himself up in business, together with two other partners.
The company has grown over the years since 1971, boosted by a profitable working relationship and friendship with two other businessmen from Vicenza, which eventually led to a partnership.
Giorgio’s heirs, at the head of “GV Orosei Marbles Srl”, are following in their father’s footsteps, managing the company’s business with the same great honesty, commitment and determination.